Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A portrait of a man in suit - Fiverr

I was drawing for a little while in the website " Fiverr ". It is a website where you need to give a great service for really bad ( even offended money ) like $5 a portrait. I had an account for a few weeks and wanted to see if I am able to painting quick with a good quality. Wanted to train my discipline and professionalism. I am amazed to share with you , that everyone was happy with the portraits I have done for them ( even if they were quick ) . I couldn't stay longer in this website as I think that the prices that you have to sell are really cheap and offensive. This is like to ask Picasso or Michelangelo to create a piece of art for $5.

Please do not get me wrong - I am not Picasso or Michelangelo. But  if you want to own piece of art at home or to give a portrait to someone special as a gift you suppose to know the the price is more then $5 or even price of pair of jeans. 

About the project:

Done it quick. My client was happy with what he received ( as you can see below ). The photo I was drawing from was small with a really poor quality. Wasn't easy to paint from such photo , but gave more then my best to make it great and to make my client happy.
Unfortunately I can't find the photo I was drawing from.

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