Friday, 20 July 2012

"The Cafe Boss"

For me is absolute pleasure to share with you my latest portrait. I've done it for two days ( with brakes of course ). The client is the boss of the biggest and most famous Cafe in Sittingbourne - United Kingdom. Hopefully he will like it. He haven't seen it yet. I am very exited to see his face.

Wish you good day or good night.


Monday, 16 July 2012

"Joke Portrait of a colleague"

This man is a one of the main supervisors of a big warehouse. As I know he is polite man, can understand difficult situations of his people and so on. 

I am going to write more information later.

Portrait done for one day.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Self Portrait

Dear All,

Let me present you my latest portrait. It's still "hot" , 'cause I've just done it. 

The portrait is special for me, not because I've drawn myself ... it's because this is my way to show my RESPECT to the rock band D2

D2 is one of the most famous rock bands in Bulgaria, my country. They are serious part of my life. I have grown up as an artist at the same time when they was growing up as a rock band in my country. After time they become famous and more serious. 

They was a serious support for me during the time I was following them as a HUGE fan. When I say support I mean ART support. They made me feel special. I miss that time a lot ... the live concerts with their music  ... everything. It was special, It was magical ... 




Portrait Of a Colleague

" Ain't happy about it" - this is what he usually says when he is walking around. It is like copyright sentence of him. He is polite and hard working man. Smoker ... and this is what I know about him.

This is the portrait I've done due to this information.