Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Paola Foka / Πάολα Φωκά

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Georgi Toshev / Георги Тошев

This is a portrait of one of the most famous Bulgarian journalists - Georgi Toshev . I have received a phone call a few weeks ago of young and very talented reporter Danislava Toshkova, who asked me kindly to drawing a special gift for Mr. Toshev . She said , that he is going to present his new book ABBA - LOVE, TRIUMPH, SEPARATION THE STORY OF ABBA BULGARIAN BOOK BY G. TOSHEV "  and this is going to be his special present. That made me incredibly happy. Of course I have done my best to drawing him as real and as classic as possible. Happily the portrait was done in a two - three days in two versions - with and without background. You can easily see the one with the background ( above this text ) and the other version ( the one he own ) is in the pictures below.

A few words about Georgi Toshev :

 Born on 2 March, 1969, in the city of Sofia.
A qualified philologist and journalist, he has specialized journalism in New York, USA. He has worked for the “24 Hours” newspaper and the “Lik” magazine. He is one of the creators of the “Dnevnik” newspaper and the “Edno” magazine. He was the director of the press centre of the theatre festival in Varna and a counsellor for Emma Moskova, Minister of culture.
He has worked for many years for the printed media, but television has been his greatest passion. He was the author of the “Artefacts” programme on the Bulgarian National Television. The project which made him most popular is the television programme “The Other Bulgaria”. He is the author and presenter of the documentary series “The Unknown”, which has been broadcast on the bTV since 4 October, 2009. Today, he is the producer of the morning high-rating programme “Before Noon”.
Due to his work, which he worships, Georgi Toshev is the most travelling Bulgarian journalist, having visited nearly 190 countries all over the world!
He has made a film of “The Unknown” series which is dedicated to Encho Keryazov – “And the Circus Travels On…”.
Georgi Toshev became a member of the Board of Directors of the “Encho Keryazov” Foundation in March, 2012.

Giorgos Mazonakis / Γιώργος Μαζωνάκης

This is a portrait of the most popular folk / pop singer in Greece - Giorgos Mazonakis. 

Why I have decided to create this digital painting?

This is a personal project. Honestly, I saw Giorgos Mazonakis on a TV Show and I liked him. 

He is Greek and I am a massive fan of Greek Art and their perfection and cult of beauty.

Anyway, this was an absolute pleasure to work on this classic digital painting. Done for two full days with a few coffee / tea breaks. The aim was to  drawing Giorgos as real as possible, because he is too different in each of his videos or stage performances.

A few words about Giorgos Mazonakis :

Giorgos Mazonakis born and raised in the neighbourhood of NikaiaAthens. He grew up listening to traditional folk songs of Stratos DionysiouYiannis PariosMarinella and Haris Alexiou. Very quickly, at the age of 15, he realized his desire to become a singer. For the first time he sang at a nightclub in Patras, where in the summer of 1992 was discovered by executives of PolyGram Greece.
Giorgos Mazonakis' temperament, his unique interpretation and innovative views, changed the way of nightlife, with highly successful appearances at famous nightclubs in Athens.
At the same time, Mazonakis has made many appearances throughout GreeceCyprusGermanyAustralia, and in several U.S. states including: New YorkNew JerseyAtlantic City, and Chicago. Also one of best hits was released in Italy on the occasion of the success there made the song "Mou Leipeis" (I miss you) song in an automobile ad campaign.
In 2002, the popular singer sang two songs of Stamatis Kraounakis on the soundtrack of the film by Nikos Panagiotopoulos titled Varethika Na Skotono tous Agapitikous Sou (I'm tired of killing your Boyfriends).
Mazonakis and Greek fashion house Deux Hommes collaborated at MadWalk by VodafoneThe Hurriyet, the largest circulation newspaper in Turkey, chose the nightclub Votanikos and George Mazonakis to present the nightlife of Athens. Mazonakis completed his appearances at Votanikos in March 2011 will visit Turkey after preparing a collaboration with a Turkish songwriter, continuing the cooperation that began with major Turkish songwriters in his latest album titled Ta Isia Anapoda.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Cousin - personal gift project

A digital portrait of one of the most special people in my life - my cousin. It is personal present. It is not client project. I have done it for about two days. Pleasure to share this portrait with you. 

D2 - Rock Band

This is portrait of D2 rock band, one of my very special projects. I have done in a four - five days. It was a great pleasure to me to paint the boys of my favourite band in Bulgaria. 

I am around these guys for more then 15 years as a fan and a friend. I remember the time when they was just about to become popular. I felt in love with their passion of music ( I was 16 years of age at this time ). They are very down to earth musicians and this made love them forever. D2 changed the music in Bulgaria. They became so famous and big for such a small country like Bulgaria , in a really short time. Their fans are all type of ages and different kind of people. 

About the project:

As I said, I have done the portrait in a few days. Was really inspired. I wanted to be the artist who will create the very first serious portrait of D2. This is digital painting done in Photoshop using only two classic brushes. There is no ' effects ', only brushes and colours. I have used photos with different lighting and I tried to make it not too visible. I couldn't find a studio photo of the band detail enough to be useful for the painting, that's why was easier to me take their faces from different photos and paint them together as one big project.

I am so pleased to say, the band was happy to see my creation and they post it in their official Facebook Page. The digital painting reached above 420 likes , which made me more than happy and very proud. 

 A few words about D2 band:

D2 is a bulgarian rock band formed in 1994 in Sofia.with it’s creator - most famous with the name Dicho, who left the band in 2005. After that they switch the style to hard rock. They are the most famous modern rock band in Bulgaria. His debut album is the best-selling bulgarian album of 2000’s. Their next albums reached big popularity.

D2 was formed in 1994 by Dimitar Karnev - guitar and Dicho Hristov - vocals. The band comprised of Krasimir Todorov - keyboards, Alexander Obretenov - bass, Yavor Alexandrov - drums, Desislav Semerdjiev - percussion.
With Dicho as frontman the band has two albums released - “Ledeno momiche” (Ice Girl), 2000 and “2002”, 2002 

May, 2005 - D_2 put an end to their work with Dicho Hristov

Dec 2, 2005 – Dejan Kamenov was officially announced to be D_2’s new frontman.

D_2 noticed the 22-year-old Dejan Kamenov in the TV reality show Star Academy. Despite that D_2 gave an audition to many singers from the country and abroad before pitching on Dejan. Series of concerts and demo studio recordings followed with Dido. The examination period lasted for a few month and D_2 members unanimously voted to pick Dejan as group’s frontman .

“Tuk i sega” (Here and Now) single is the first production of D_2 with Dejan.
Composed and arranged by D_2. Text - Alexander Petrov and D_2. Group’s new album pilot single “Tuk i sega” directs the whole new sound and progress in D_2’s style.

band members: 
Dejan Kamenov – vocals 
Dimitar Karnev – guitar 
Krasimir Todorov - keyboards 
Alexander Obretenov - bass 
Vasil Voutev - drums 

D_2 offical site: www.d2band.com

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dad's Birthday Present

I am happy to share with you one of my latest portrait projects of one of my clients. Made it in a day and a half. Was a total pleasure as usual. Great to be such a special part of someone's special moment. 

The story: 

My client contacted me and asked me if there is any chance to paint a digital portrait for a few days. Her girlfriend's father was having his birthday and she wanted to surprise him with something cool like a portrait gift. I said " Yes, of course, no worries " and asked her for some photos to choose from. She gave some but the quality of his wife's photo ( the woman on the right )  was not really amazing. Happily everyone was happy in the end. Her girlfriend's dad and mom really liked the painting and this made me so very happy.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Portrait of a man - client project

This is a client portrait project. I can't really share too much information about it except that I have done it in a half a day from very bad quality photo. By the way the portrait is looking so much detailed and better then the actual photo I was drawing from. 

Portrait of a military man - Client project

This is a client portrait project. I can't really share too much information about it. Done it for a day. Happily my client was impressed with the portrait he received. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Anniversary portrait present

This is a client anniversary project. The number on his t-shirt shows how many years they are together. I would like to say a huge"Thank you"  for choosing me to be such a special part of your special day. Was an honour to me to create this digital painting - portrait, for such an occasion.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Birthday Portrait Present from a Girlfriend to her beloved

This is a birthday boy portrait. His dear girlfriend asked me to drawing this portrait to surprise him. After she received it, she was so happy, hope he is even happier then her. Was more than honour to me to make any of my customers satisfied with their portrait expectations from me. The portrait was done for a few nights, in time. 

I sent her the original file ( psd ) and then she framed the portrait. What an amazing present.