Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Part Of Concept Project

Dear All,

Let me present little  parts of my future project " We are all humans and we are all different - Accept it "

I've started this project in a week ago. It's moving a bit slow and I'm not happy about it ... hopefully , soon  We ( including me ) will have chance to see it finished. It's nothing new. It's noting that you don't know already. The only difference is that you will see how I will present it. My way. 

The idea in a few sentences:

I am really tired of many people's expectation ( in life, not at work ), that makin' you depend of their opinion. I am sure that you understand for what exactly I am talking about. The opposite thing is that We actually expect many small things of other people's life and We are making them sad ... Why? Why it's so difficult to accept others the way they are? Are We that Good to tell others how to live their own life?

People forgot how important is to be Polite, Kind and Positive ... forgot how important is to make people around you happy, to give them a hand when they need it, to make them count on you ... 

So, this is ruffly the idea of my project. Please, understand ... it's not completed yet ... and when I finish it I'll explain it better.

Best Wishes to all of you,



Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Robbie Williams - caricature


I am very happy to present you my latest portrait of a celebrity. 

This month I was quite busy and I still have some technical problems, so this is the reason for not posting new drawings that often. 

Anyway,  I'm drawing constantly and I'm taking new challenges with every new project ( doesn't matter personal or client one ) .... so very soon you will be able to see many of my new works. 

By now, please enjoy this one, which is actually part of bigger composition but I still doubt to post it or not. I don't want to offend anyone with it, that' why.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Zombie Project"

"Zombie project"

It's all about what will happen with you when you start livin' in a circle.

Waking up - 5:00 o'clock in the morning... than quick coffee ... half open eyes and preparing yourself going to work which is killing you. Your working day is in a tree parts - First part, than Tea Break ... Second one .... than Lunch ... Third part ... than last Tea Break and than you pray to go home on time ... but the bad thing is that This never depends on you ... 

Unfortunately, isn't it?... 

Than you are driving angry on the way back home ... Dinner... bathroom ... than bed and ......

5:00 .... in the morning ... , 

same morning every day, every week, month, year....  

This is what gonna happen, if you are working in a place which is not suitable for you, place that you hate ... place which steals you life in front of you and put it in a circle and you even can't realize it ... 

After time you will become Zombie ... with no life, no friends ... NOTHING ...!



Friday, 8 June 2012

Celebrity - Portrait

This is my latest Portrait. I've just done it. I have always wanted to drawing this man and today was the perfect time. It wasn't that difficult as I expected to be and that's grate. Was completely pleasure ( as usual )... Hope people will recognize him...You, know.. this is important. So, who is he?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

" Shall we dance, Antonio?"

Hey everyone,

Haven't seen you for a long time. Ok, let me tell you about my latest portrait. This is portrait-caricature of Antonio Banderas. Hope you all will recognize him.
He is one of my favorite actors. Antonio for me is passion plus good warm eyes plus charm and wild tango. This is what I wanted to express in this portrait of him. Hope you will all see/feel this in it.