Saturday, 15 December 2012

"Magga" - Portrait of music producer

One of my other "famous" decisions. I chose him to be part of my portrait collection when I saw him on " X-Factor"- Bulgaria. Actually he said something unusual for me to hear on Bulgarian tv. I forgot to add that he was one of the "X-Factor" jury. There was a guy who 'jumped' on the stage and Magga asked him: "What are you planning to sing?" and the boy answered  "Michael Jackson - Heal the world". Magga smiled and told him "You must know that Michael Jackson can sing just Michael Jackson. No one else can sing his music except him". 

That was my personal reason to drawing a caricature portrait of Magga Aliev. I am massive fan of Michael Jackson and quotes like this are making me 'drawing portraits' :-D.
The other good thing is that the man on the picture was very surprised when I gave it to him. He was happy when he saw this surprise and put it as facebook profile picture which was his turn to surprise me ... and believe me that was more than GRATE. Unbelievable and surreal.

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