Saturday, 29 December 2012

" Dimitar Kovachev - Funky "

This is one of my favorite portrait projects. 

I've done this one for a day, probably because when I took the photo (from internet) of this man I already knew how will be looking in the end. Hope you understood what I wanted to say.

This guy is musician and kind of "businessman". When I say businessman please do not imagine man in suit. He is one of the people who is bringing famous music legends ( like Metallica, Sade, Roxette, Bon Jovi and many more ) or just famous music singers in Bulgaria. 

His name is Dimitar Kovachev - Funky. He was part of "VIP Brother -2012" few months ago where I had chance to see him not just as a Bulgarian celebrity. Funky was looking very honest with brilliant sense of humor. Than I decided to drawing him, may be because he was "part of my life" for two months and I liked him. Hopefully soon he will see this portrait of him and hopefully he will like it.

If you want me to drawing any of your favorite musician, actor or just friend of yours do not hesitate to contact me.

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