Saturday, 27 December 2014

Georgi Toshev / Георги Тошев

This is a portrait of one of the most famous Bulgarian journalists - Georgi Toshev . I have received a phone call a few weeks ago of young and very talented reporter Danislava Toshkova, who asked me kindly to drawing a special gift for Mr. Toshev . She said , that he is going to present his new book ABBA - LOVE, TRIUMPH, SEPARATION THE STORY OF ABBA BULGARIAN BOOK BY G. TOSHEV "  and this is going to be his special present. That made me incredibly happy. Of course I have done my best to drawing him as real and as classic as possible. Happily the portrait was done in a two - three days in two versions - with and without background. You can easily see the one with the background ( above this text ) and the other version ( the one he own ) is in the pictures below.

A few words about Georgi Toshev :

 Born on 2 March, 1969, in the city of Sofia.
A qualified philologist and journalist, he has specialized journalism in New York, USA. He has worked for the “24 Hours” newspaper and the “Lik” magazine. He is one of the creators of the “Dnevnik” newspaper and the “Edno” magazine. He was the director of the press centre of the theatre festival in Varna and a counsellor for Emma Moskova, Minister of culture.
He has worked for many years for the printed media, but television has been his greatest passion. He was the author of the “Artefacts” programme on the Bulgarian National Television. The project which made him most popular is the television programme “The Other Bulgaria”. He is the author and presenter of the documentary series “The Unknown”, which has been broadcast on the bTV since 4 October, 2009. Today, he is the producer of the morning high-rating programme “Before Noon”.
Due to his work, which he worships, Georgi Toshev is the most travelling Bulgarian journalist, having visited nearly 190 countries all over the world!
He has made a film of “The Unknown” series which is dedicated to Encho Keryazov – “And the Circus Travels On…”.
Georgi Toshev became a member of the Board of Directors of the “Encho Keryazov” Foundation in March, 2012.

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