Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Part Of Concept Project

Dear All,

Let me present little  parts of my future project " We are all humans and we are all different - Accept it "

I've started this project in a week ago. It's moving a bit slow and I'm not happy about it ... hopefully , soon  We ( including me ) will have chance to see it finished. It's nothing new. It's noting that you don't know already. The only difference is that you will see how I will present it. My way. 

The idea in a few sentences:

I am really tired of many people's expectation ( in life, not at work ), that makin' you depend of their opinion. I am sure that you understand for what exactly I am talking about. The opposite thing is that We actually expect many small things of other people's life and We are making them sad ... Why? Why it's so difficult to accept others the way they are? Are We that Good to tell others how to live their own life?

People forgot how important is to be Polite, Kind and Positive ... forgot how important is to make people around you happy, to give them a hand when they need it, to make them count on you ... 

So, this is ruffly the idea of my project. Please, understand ... it's not completed yet ... and when I finish it I'll explain it better.

Best Wishes to all of you,



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