Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Caricatures Of Bulgarian Politicians

This is a personal portrait project. As a citizen of Bulgaria I care about my country's political situation. 

Bulgaria was under Communism for about 45 years until 1989. After this Communistic Party continue ruling the country under other name "Democracy". Same faces under new name. 

I am fed up with this. I still can not take it and understand how it is possible after 45 years silent pressure. Before '89 people were scared to speak free. Now it's 2012 and the situation is absolutely the same.

The project is not finished. These are three of Bulgarian major politic figures for the last 20 - 30 years. Bulgarian prime minister as a police dog; Bulgarian minister of the culture as a big monkey, and one of the "greatest" painters in my country (as a frog) who have always new that "The Party" is behind him.

These portraits-caricatures are my protest against all the these huge politic "mistakes" after 1989. I made them for one day each of it. Unfortunately they are just three by now, but hopefully soon they will be more.

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