Wednesday, 25 April 2012

" The Colleague " - surprise

" The Colleague " portrait was surprise present for a young man working in one of the offices of huge company ( not allow to use the name of the company ). He actually didn't expect this. With this the other colleagues  wanted to show their respect to him, even if he is not working there for a long time.

Good idea! Isn't it?

It was absolute pleasure to be part of it.

The portrait was done for about 3 days ( few hours a day ).

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

"Portrait Of An Artist"

This is one of the greatest artist I have ever heard about. He is an Illustrator. I will explain a boit more about it next time.

I've done the portrait for three nights ( few hours a night ).

If you like it and if you want to draw a portrait for you, please do not hesitate and write me :

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Portrait of Vasko Vassilev and his Royal Violin

This is portrait of Vasko Vassilev and his magic violin. He is creative producer of the Royal Opera House in London. I am proud of having my chance to do this for him.

The portrait was done for nearly two days.


If you like the portrait of Vasko Vassilev and if you want to have one of YOU, please, do not hesitate and write me on

Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Personal Present"

For me is pleasure to show you my very last portrait. I've done it for a week ( because I was working only  few hours a day ). This is  present to my favorite actor from my country who was , is and will be  my inspiration forever and ever. 

I remember when I went for very first time on theater. I was about 16. I didn't know what to expect there. Marius Kurkinsky was playing something from A.P. Chekhov. I was completely blown away. I haven't feel something like this before. From that time I promised myself to start watch more theater.

Actually, Marius Kurkinsky showed me, somehow, the secret of the theater. The main idea and the reason to go there. That's why I decided to do this special portrait of him to him. 

This is my only way as an artist to show Mr. Marius Kurkinsky my respect of his theatrical art and how much he have been inspired me all over these years.

( This portrait will be send by post to Plovdiv-Drama Theater with a small classic written letter )

If you want me to do for you special present for someone that you want to show love and respect, please write me on

Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Anniversary" - portrait

This is my last project already finished. My clients was asking me to make them a portrait for their first anniversary. The portraits are made for about three days. 

I decided to put on the picture background wall - paper.  I wanted "the sound" of the picture to looks like some kind of classic Russian realism style portrait. 

The couple is coming from Eastern Europe country so, that's why decided that this style will be very suitable for them ( as part of the history of their country ) plus this they are together for about 10 years - which means "classic" relationship . I wear them clothes of now time ( as  symbol of "new school" married couple ).

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